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Taxi response times are on a first come, first serve basis, Also Time call trips are not guaranteed to be exactly on time we will make every attempt to pick you up as close to the time as possible. Response times may vary depending on High demand, traffic volume, road and weather conditions. 

Also when your order is confirm you maybe given a message that indicated that The price for the trip is x amount of dollars, this is only a rate quotation and may not be accurate depending on traffic and conditions. The City bylaw requires that all taxi trips in the City of Calgary to be a metered rate, the metered rate is the actual fare charged for each trip. 

It is recommended to register a "Login name & password" in order to book online.  During peak seasons, adverse weather conditions the online booking may only be available to registered users. Once you receive your confirmation you will be able to book your own Associated Cab without making a phone call! You will also be able to cancel, make revisions and check on the status of your Cab online.  Just one other note concerning the use of Webbooker, if the browser you are using is google chrome your booking will fail the system does not support (CHROME). If you have any questions please contact us.

To set up your online registration, click the book online button above and then go to the register tab on the webbooker and complete the mandatory fields. 

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